If you want me to help your business - call me on 07525 182567 - it really is that simple


I am Andrew Palmer – I am a prolific marketer.


I am currently working with a sign company promoting their business via social media, email marketing and running their website plus 18 microsites – a big job, but nothing I can’t handle.

I am also contracted as an SEO person to a coffee shop design house, a finance and HR  recruiter, a carpenter, a few restaurants and many many others.

I also develop websites on a pay monthly basis and offer contracted out maintenance services via here

I am  involved in setting up a new bar/restaurant and I own an ex showhome furniture shop which helps keep me busy


I know a shed load about lots of stuff in the marketing world and have generated over £80 Million for companies I have worked with.


As soon as you realise you are going to need help navigating this sometimes confusing world of SEO, Marketing and Brand awareness.

Operating in all markets – our speciality is that we do not specialise. We feel that all companies need a website whether it’s a brochure site or a dynamic interactive user experience. Our aim is to always get you at the top of people’s minds as well as at the top of the search engines. How do we do this? Call us and ask us. We will always tell you the truth.

What is our USP?

Its an ability to see the woods through the trees – as a business owner you can sometimes be blinded by the old adage, ‘we’ve always done it like that’. We open your eyes to perhaps better ways in which you approach your relationships with your staff, your customers and your ambitions.

We add value and if we cannot see a way to do that – we tell  you. Straight talking, creative thinking has been our motto for over 30 years in business. We don’t get caught up in advertising bullshit like so many others, we simply tell you how it is, how to make it work and how to enjoy being a business owner.

Pick up the phone and give us a call on 07525 182567 – yes, it is a mobile number – that is the best way in which we can be around for you and the next company that calls us. If we don’t answer, don’t worry, we will always get back to you in an hour or so after you have left your message.

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You can contact me if you really want to on 07525 182567  -Yes, it’s a mobile number because I am always out and about doing interesting things rather than stuck behind a desk.

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